Teachers Policy Book:

Teachers Policy Book – Updated June 2020

A. Board Policy: Board Services

A.001 Policy Development and Review

A.002 Communications

A.003 Board Management and Staff Appraisal

A.004 Principal and Vice-Principal Appraisal

B. Human Resources

B.001 Instructional and Support Staff Personnel Policy (currently under development)

B.002 Board Management and Staff Personnel Policy (currently under development)

B.003 Occupational health and Safety

B.004 Injury on Duty

B.005 Return to Work

C. Finance

C.001 Purchasing

C.002 Quotation, Tender and Award

C.003 Capital Asset Management

C.004 Signing Authority

C.005 Acquisition of Professional and Consulting Services

C.006 Travel

C.007 Work Cell Phone

C.008 Capital Debt

D. Operations

D.001 Use of School Facilities

D.002 Student Transportation (currently under development)

D.003 Acceptable Use of Computers and Internet/Intranet Technology