Mamu Tshishkutamashutau Innu Education

Our logo depicts a MITSHIKUN. This is a traditional Innu tool used to clean hides. The mitshikun represents the strength, resourcefulness, determination and practicality of the Innu people.

In 2009, Mamu Tshishkutamashutau Innu Education (MTIE) was founded to have jurisdiction over the education of Innu in Labrador in order to create First Nations schools and curriculums that honour and celebrate Innu culture, Innu traditions, and Innu-aimun (language).

MTIE is governed by a board of trustees that is selected by the Chiefs and Councils of the Mushuau Innu in Natuashish and the Sheshatshiu Innu. The board of trustees and the administration of MTIE serve two schools, the Mushuau Innu Natuashish School, and the Sheshatshiu Innu School.

Our Mission Statement

Eshi-tshishkutamuakanit auass, tshetshi kassinu tshekuannu uapatak mak eshi-mamitunenitak, nete uet pet nitautshit, utinniunit, kie utaimunit, mak eshi-tshishkutamatishut e tapuetatishut mak e nakatuenitak utinniun, tshetshi minu-uitshikut uauitshiat utinnima mak mishitue nete ua itutet.

Our education system provides a quality education that meets the individual and collective needs and vision of our students, in a manner that respects and honours our Innu culture, language, values and traditions, and prepares them to be proud contributing members of our communities and the broader society.