We are all worried about COVID-19. So far, our Innu communities have done a tremendous job of keeping our families safe. At MTIE, we hope to reassure parents and guardians that we have measures in place that are designed to protect Innu students and all school staff members.

MTIE will closely follow all measures laid out by Public Health officials, such as those featured in the above graphic. However, the Christmas season will soon be here. We all know that COVID-19 can only be spread by people who gather together. When sick people travel, they bring the virus with them. Everyone hopes this won’t happen, but if it does MTIE has a plan in place.

If schools close due to COVID-19, MTIE may initiate the following measures:

  1. A) Partial school closure with rotational classes. A schedule will be provided if this occurs. OR,
  2. B) Full school closure with online instruction. 

‚ÄčIf schools close fully and online instruction begins, all students who are REGISTERED and/or CURRENTLY ATTENDING one of our 2 Innu schools will be provided with a laptop OR iPad to take home. Conditions on the use of the take-home technology will be in place, and agreed upon before being sent home.

NOTE: Some teachers MAY prepare take-home packages of classroom material for students.

Thank you for your understanding. Please STAY SAFE!