Dear Innu;

It took us a while to get the Teacher Assistant Training Program off the ground due to the pandemic but we pushed through and we finished. I want to thank all the students, instructors and our Coordinator, Bernadette Power, for making this possible. Special thanks to Nippissing University who has worked with us to make this happen. 

If we want to do better as a community, we need to want it badly – ALL of us. I truly believe if we want our language, culture and education to thrive we have to want to push it forward in a positive manner. 

With this in mind, MTIE was proud to offer the Teacher Assistant training program to our Innu people. We believe it’s vital to have trained Innu in our buildings to assist and teach our Innu children. This program was offered by Nippissing University and it was the first time Nippissing brought it to a First Nations community. I am very pleased to say that we had a lot of interest from the community. We initially had 10 Innu students in Sheshatshiu and 10 in Natuashish registered in the program.

I am extremely proud to see our own people continue to excel and to further their education to help OUR children. We NEED them. Our CHILDREN need them. Please join us to encourage the new Teacher Assistant trainees and celebrate with them as they start their journey at our schools.

Congratulations to our graduates of the Teacher Assistant Diploma Program!


Kanani Davis, CEO